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On Thursday Reinhold again took us to the Schirm’s where we picked up Hermann and we traveled to Würzburg where we met a friend of Herman's, Jürgen Gottschalk. Jürgen is a professional tour guide  who gave us a tour of the Festung Marienberg (Marienberg Fortress) and Würzburg. The fortress is across the Main River from Würzburg. It traces its beginnings back to before the 700’s when it served as a Celtic shelter (yes, Celtic!). In the 704 AD, Marienkirche (Marian Church) was built on the site, and it gradually evolved over the next 1900 years serving as a fort, home to prince-bishops for five centuries, and now park and museum.

We then went into Würzburg which is on the northern end of the Romantic Road. It was the feast of St. Killian (July 8), a very beloved Irish saint, who was a missionary from Ireland to Germany and was martyred there along with his two companions in 689. The Killianfest continues to be one of the most popular festivals in Würzburg. Our guide, Jürgen, is an expert on the Celtic influence in Germany and has even written a small booklet entitled, Würzburg – the Irish Town on the Continent. The Würzburg Cathedral (Dom St. Kilian) which we visited is dedicated to St. Kilian. On March 16, 1945, Würzburg was 90% destroyed during a World War II bombingI, but was rebuilt to restore as much as possible the pre-war look of the city.

We then went to Neumünster Church which was built over the stone coffin of St. Kilian.

We also visited the Residenz, a palace built by one of the prince-bishops in the first half of the 1700s complete with an extensive garden.

We also had dinner at a delightful restaurant with wonderful German food!

In the evening we went to the winery of a friend of Hermann's back in Wörth who treated us to a wine tasting (6 white wines!). We then went to a restaurant run by him and had a plate of cheese, sausage, bread and some vegetables. A nice light meal after a full day of touring. We said farewell to Reinhold who dropped us off at the restaurant.

Then the owner of the winery dropped us off at Margit's, our bed and breakfast hostess. The rooms were wonderful. Bright, airy, very modern, and the bath was incredible with large tub, shower with no stall, and lots of room and ceramic/stonework. The room where we had breakfast was large and all wood and glass. Very light and airy with light wood. I meant to take pictures, but ran out of time. I do have a video of Wörth from our bedroom windows. I would highly recommend it!

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